Need Help on Your Journey of Life, Stop in our Office or Call, WE CAN HELP
We have an Open door Policy, anyone transgender or their family members,
and Homeless individuals seeking help or support can just walk in.

ARE YOU HAVING A HARD DAY dealing with issues or depression and just need 
someone to talk to? We're here to help and listen, we understand the frustration,
you can just walk in our office and we can sit down and talk about the day or the 
issues or just have a conversation about anything. 

Our Services to the Community are Free

Help Finding Jobs
Help with name change
Help finding Shelter
One on One Peer support and help in our office
Transgender Education for Family, General Public, Employers and others
In House Counseling and Therapy by Licensed Therapist for those who cannot
afford counseling or when insurance does not cover it. (Coming Soon)
Programs for Parents, and Families of Transgender Family Members and Children
Help with Issues and Problems encountered on a Transgender Person Journey of Life
No Issue or Problem are to big or to small that we can sit down and try to find a solution. 
If we cannot help we will direct you to someone who can
Help finding Medical Care by Medical Providers who are transgender friendly.
Provide Speakers for Schools, Businesses, General Public Events and other
We have a Lounging area and available internet you are welcome to use if 
you need to take a Coffee break on your days outing or need access to the interent. 

Donate ... Help us to help those who are in need of care, send your donations to

The Transology Association Inc.
York Office for Transgender Affairs
and Homeless Services
32 North Queen Street
York, Pennsylvania
Phone - 717-650 - 2247
Support, Education
Guidance, Help, Direction
Web Site -
                      to go to our old Web site, 95% of the information in our old web site is up to date and a few 
     words are using the old terminology but for the most part still a good source of Resources and Information.       The old web site is in the process of being scheduled for updating and using the up-to-date terminology.

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Tues - 3 PM to 7 PM
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Thur - 3 PM to 7 PM
Fri -     3 PM to 7 PM
Sat -   Closed
Call -  717-650-2247 
for after Hours Appt.
The York Office for Transgender Affairs
Hours: TBA
32 North Queen Street
York, Pa 17403
Michael/Michelle GreyFeather: 717-332-1247
[email protected]

Krystyna Mcilroy ...717-318-3359
[email protected] 
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 The Transology Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit  Association
Donations and Gifts are tax deductible by Local, State and Federal Laws
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Contact E-mail  -  [email protected]
York Office 
Transgender Affairs / Homeless Services
 for York City and Surrounding County's 
The Transology Association Inc.
32 North Queen Street
First Floor Office, Section D
York, Pennsylvania, 17403
Upcoming Scheduled Programs

Parents Raising Transgender Children -  Updated October 25, 2022
Click Here to see the program Poster

 Next Scheduled Parents Program will be
Thursday November 17 and Thursday December 15, 2022 
Doors open at 6:30 PM, Program starts at 7:00 PM
Location ->  Inspired Path Counseling, 835 Edgewood Road, York, Pa., 17204  
(Covid Conditions permitting) ... 
Click Here for ...  Program Information and sign up Link

It was great meeting everyone that attended the program. 

Bare with us Web Site
Updating in progress
Bare with us Web Site
Updating in progress
Please Bare with us, 
our Web Site is in the process of being 
Updated and Secured
501(C)(3) Association
Diversity, Equality, Community
Phone - 717-650-2247
Contact - 
[email protected]
Closed on Mondays until Further Notice