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The York Office for Transgender Affairs
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 The Transology Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit  Association
Donations and Gifts are tax deductible by Local, State and Federal Laws
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Contact E-mail  -  [email protected]
All Donations and Gifts are tax deductible by Local, State and Federal Laws

You can also send your donations to

The Transology Association Inc.
York Office for Transgender Affairs 
and Homeless Services, Section D
York, Pennsylvania, 17403

The Transology Association
York Office for Transgender affairs
and Homeless Services

What do we do with Donations and Grants
for the Transgender and the Homeless Communities

1.     Provide monetary funding for all homeless people to help pay for shelter when no other shelter is available, this is  
        becoming a great need in this area due to lack of buildings available to provide shelter to homeless.

2.     Provide monetary funding for transportation for homeless so they have a chance to find jobs, and have  
        transportation to and from a job.

3.     Provide monetary funding for homeless to help pay for medical needs when no insurance is available, or their 
        insurance does not pay for procedures needed for health of Life circumstance.

4.     Provide monetary funding for food for homeless who have no chance of acquiring food or to help pay for groceries 
        when no money is available to homeless living in shelters without jobs.

5.     Provide monetary funding to purchase a small bus type vehicle to help provide transportation for homeless people   
        in need of transportation when none is available to them which is a large case in this area.

6.     Provide monetary funding to maintain the bus needs such as license tags, inspection, general engine maintenance 
        such as oil, gas, repairs, insurance and drivers pay and workers compensation.

7.     Provide monetary funding for programs and pay for locations to house the programs.

8.     Provide monetary funding for transgender individuals needing help with their transitioning when they do not have 
        the funding to pay for the services needed.

9.     Provide monetary funding for Transgender individuals needing help paying for their name change when they do not 
        have funding due to being homeless and jobless which is a big factor.

10.  Provide monetary funding for Transgender individuals needing help paying for medical prescriptions and medical 
       services when no other means of paying for this need is available which is a crisis to many transgender individuals  
       anywhere in the United States.

11.  Provide funding for a college scholarship for transgender children graduating from high school to help pay for first 
       year of college to help them get started in their life.

12.  Provide funds for schooling for Homeless individuals who wish to learn a different trade to regain their self-respect 
       and life.

13.  Provide monetary funds for transgender individuals who wish to learn a different trade to improve their ability to live 
       their lives.

14.  Provide funding to help Transgender homeless and other homeless individuals help pay for first month’s rent and 
       Security Deposit when no other means for this funding for them is available which is a crisis for Transgender 

15.  Provide funding for Transgender parents for babysitting so they can go to work and earn a living for them and their 

16.  Provide funding for Homeless families needing shelter and for groceries.

17.  Provide funding for our office overhead and utilities such as insurance, monthly rent for the office, phone, internet, 
       electric and water, gas, parking and office supplies and office machines.

18.  Provide funding to transgender individuals who need help paying for their transitioning therapy.

19.  Provide funding to help pay for a transgender individuals therapy by a licensed transgender therapist for Gender 


What we want to do in the Future and how we would use the Grants and Donations

1. Our office is a 2 room office with very little room to provide a area for programs or to hold meetings for the 
     transgender community.

2. In time we would like to purchase a building to house our needs for the Homeless and Transgender communities 
    that will provide rooms for homeless and areas for meetings and programs.

3. We have donation drives and fund raisers, but this does not give us enough funding for much of anything except 
    maybe paying for supplies.

4.. Our board of directors consist of Transgender individuals who have lived their lives as their authentic selves for over 
    15 to 25 years.

5.. We first started out helping transgender population by creating Transgender support groups beginning is 2004 to 
     present when I started this office for Transgender Affairs and Homeless Services in York, Pa. The Name of our 
     office is The Transology Association Inc., York Office for Transgender Affairs and Homeless Services. We first 
     opened our office in July of 2021 and have been providing the overhead to run our office out of our pockets and 
     desperately need grants to help keep our office alive to help these communities.

6.. Our office is the first of its kind to help the transgender population on a local basis. We only help Transgender 
     individuals and now Homeless individuals.

7.. We started helping Homeless individuals because there are many homeless transgender people. After researching 
     the homeless we decided to help all homeless because of this fact.

8.. There really are not many places a transgender individual can go to seek help that is free to them for any situation 
     and many places will not help a transgender individual just because they are transgender. This factor is changing 
     slowly but still is a major factor in providing help to the transgender communities.

9. There are other homeless businesses that provide help to the homeless but not many are providing what we wish 
     to provide to the homeless communities. The businesses that do help homeless need help helping the homeless 
     due to the homeless population growing. We intent to help with this issue by providing the funding mentioned in 
     this document.

 10. We are looking for grants that can provide 50,000 to 150,000 for our first grant to help our needs to help the 
      communities mentioned in this document. Our yearly need would budget out to around 50,000 a year after all 
      needs have been provided for which give us a recurring need for 50,000 pus a year.

11. This is only an estimate, things can change drastically in the course of a year at times.

12. Right now our yearly need is around 25,000 but this does not include a bus or the bus upkeep, program cost, 
      location cost, funding for transgender and homeless needs for medical, shelter, food etc. ….

13. Our goal is to be able to purchase a building large enough to provide rooms for homeless people on a 90-day 
      temporary basis. While living in our building we would help them to get back on their feet and help to establish 
      them with a job so they can begin to develop a new life and be on their own again.

14.. In this building we want to also have a section for a Transgender Therapist and a Psychologist. These medical 
       professionals will help transgender individuals on their journey in life that know and understand the needs of these 
       people that are in transition to be who they are so that their internal self being, and self-awareness matches their 
       physical appearance.  

15.  In this building we want to have a section for a medical practitioner to provide health care to Transgender 
       individuals who is acquainted with the medical needs of transgender people. 

16. In this building we wish to have enough space available to provide programs for both the Homeless and 
      transgender communities that could seat 40 people comfortably and also use this space to hold community  
      meetings and dinners for homeless.

17. In this building we also will need space for our offices and a file room for records. There would be need for at least 
      5 rooms for the Board Members to work independently with people needing guidance and assistance and to work 
      with the local governments.

18. In this building we would also need a large conference room to hold meetings with government officials and other 
      community businesses related to homeless and transgender needs.

19. Along with this building we would need a large lot for parking. The property should be on at least 1 acre of land to 
      provide the space needed for the building and parking.

20. In this building we would also like to have space where clothing could be donated for those needing clothes, coats, 
      shoes and seasonal attire.

21. In this building we would also like to have a space where vending machines could be located for these 
      communities to use. 

According to the Homeless coalition, many homeless people are living in abandoned buildings, sheds, storage units, tents in the woods, cars, under bridges or elsewhere. There needs to be a way to help these unfortunate individuals and this is what we are trying to do. 

The number of people experiencing homelessness in York, according to the "point in time"count every January, has remained fairly consistent in recent years... 2017: 323 people 
                                                                              2018: 324 people 
                                                                              2019: 328 people 
In the state of Pennsylvania right now the homeless population is - 13,375 in 2023, 

In York, Pennsylvania Last year, on January 23, 2022, York County conducted its point-in time count, which identified that there were a total of 328 people residing in emergency shelters, transitional housing, or sleeping in an unsheltered location that night. That particular night there were 38 homeless that were unsheltered 

We have not received the total number of Homeless in York, Pennsylvania yet for 2023 but it probably will be greater then the total in 2022. 

At present we cannot accomplish our goal in helping the York Homeless with the funds we have or with the grants that are coming in. Our office is to small to shelter homeless and we need a larger location in order to provide the shelter for any homeless individuals. Usually, the shelters in York are always at their capacity and cannot take in other homeless which leaves homeless in the street or other locations that could endanger their lives. Our goal is to help with this homeless situation in York, Pennsylvania.

Your donations will help no matter how big or how small. Help us help these unfortunate individuals. You can go to any of the donation links provided below to send your donation to help us raise the $50,000.00 PLUS we need to help the homeless in York, Pennsylvania.
Homeless Campaign to raise funds to help the homeless in York, Pennsylvania

We are beginning a campaign to raise $50,000.00 plus to help the homelessness in York, Pennsylvania. Our campaign is with GO Fund Me. All your donations are tax deductible. The Homelessness in York, Pennsylvania is becoming an issue due to the lack of space to shelter the homeless. We are starting this campaign to help with this problem. 

People experience homelessness due to reasons beyond their control such as, loss of jobs, sickness, disabilities, bad economy, inflation, family abuse, destruction of their home by severe weather conditions, and loss of livable income, just for starters. I was homeless many years ago so I know first-hand how it affects you having to face the hardships of homelessness and one of the reasons I started this association.

The number of people experiencing homelessness in York is growing and shelters that give these individuals a roof over their head for a night stay are all usually at capacity leaving many without shelter. When shelter space is unavailable which is a major issue here, many stay outdoors, in abandoned buildings, in cars, or in make-shift cardboard shelters on sidewalks or in fields and wooded areas. This leaves the unsheltered homeless population exposed to additional danger, illness, and potential arrest due to trespassing.

Transgender homeless have challenges finding shelter in York when they become homeless just simply because they are transgender. The homeless shelters available in York have rules they have to follow which prohibit transgender individuals in finding shelter that relates to the gender they are living as unless they have documents providing proof of their gender change. This is a major issue for transgender people who are homeless. It puts them in dangerous situations and open to bullying and attacks on their person. This is another reason I started this association.

Our goal is to gain enough funds to lease a building to help provide shelter to the homeless, specifically those looking for transgender-friendly shelter options, or provide all homeless with temporary shelter by paying for motel or hotel stays until an appropriate shelter space becomes available.

Your donations will help us to help the homeless in York, Pennsylvania by providing the shelter needed to house the homeless and help them get back on their feet and back into society and a better life.

If this go fund me reaches an individual who has a building that is vacant in York, Pennsylvania or any other location that has been sitting empty and not used please consider donating it to help a worthwhile cause for the homeless in York or in other locations.

Please help us reach our goal so we can begin to give the needed help the homeless need. Every donation is tax deductible. It does not matter how big or how small your donations are, every penny helps us to reach our goal to help the homelessness in York, Pennsylvania and other locations.


Click on the GoFundMe to donate >>>>>>
If you cannot donate at this time copy the following link and pass it on to others so they can help us help the homeless
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