We are open to anyone Transgender, Their Families, Friends, Employers, and the General Public to provide Support and Transgender Education. We are here to help those who need to know the Issues and Problems Transgender Individuals face every day of their lives. The difficulty trying to just live life as who they really are. We are here to provide support to Transgender Individuals to help their Family, Friends, Employers and the General Public better understand their Transgender needs and try to explain the reason they are Transgender. We Care about our Community and its Members.

If you had a bad day in you daily lifes journey and need to talk to someone you can stop in the office and we will listen and try to help. There is nothing to big or to small we cannot talk about and try to help solve the issues.

Transgender Individuals needing support, guidance, Understanding, Education ......
Families of Transgender Individuals needing help understanding their transgender family member ......
Parents of Transgender Children needing help understanding their children and their needs ......
Transgender Parents raising their Children needing help with court issues and family member ......
Parents of School Students needing help understanding the needs of their transgender students ...... 
Spouse support needing help understanding their transgender spouse and their needs ......
Job search for transgender individuals who lost their jobs due to who they are ......
Finding shelter for transgender individuals and families who lost their homes due to who they are ......
Finding shelter for Homeless individuals who lost their homes due to sickness, job lost, crisis, econemy . Emergency food services for homeless individuals and or families ......
Transgender education to the general public helping the public to understand transgender individuals,.... their needs and problems they face every day of their lives ......
Providing help and guidance to those who wish to transition and live their life as who they are ......
Providing speakers to businesses, colleges and schools etc.......

Life is precious and sometimes you only have one chance at it. We're here to help as best we can.

You are welcome to stop by any time during office construction and setting up operational services and procedures. Just drop in to say Hello...
Who do we serve?
Michael And Michelle Greyfeather
President / Chief Executive Officer
Homeless Director / Supervisor
Letter of Verification 

Michael is a 75 year old Bi_Gender individual.

Michael has a background in Business Development and Psychology and over 30 years experience in Leadership. He was a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps flying Helicopter in Vietnam as well as serving in a infantry company, officer of the Teamsters Union, Vice President of the Sea and Rail Containers Union out of Maryland, established, owned and operated a Trucking Company and sold Life and Health Insurance during his working years. He was forced into retirement in the year 2000 due to a work related injury then devoting much of his time researching most all Gender Identities under the Transgender Umbrella and along the Transgender Spectrum.

In late 2001 he began researching the transgender subject specifically wanting to find out where he fit into the transgender community.  In 2002 he joined the LSV transgender support group in Harrisburg, Pa.. Then in late  2004 after leaving the LSV support group to start his own transgender support group he founded a Transgender Support and Educational group for Transgender people living and working full or wanting to transition and Crossdressers called the Divas Social Organization. In 2006 he restructured Divas renaming it Renaissance of South Eastern Pennsylvania also known as ROSE when he merged with the National Renaissance Transgender Group out of Philadelphia, Pa. with his Divas Social Organization having Chapters in York and Lancaster, Pa with a sub chapter in Mountville Pa. He began studying and researching all aspects of the Transgender Spectrum once again beginning in September of 2006 wanting to learn more about being transgender since he had been diagnosed as Transsexual then discovering he was Bi Gender fully fitting the description of Bi Gender. Then researching the gender identity of Bi Gender and meeting Doctor Laura Case and submitting for a Bi Gender Seminar and inviting Doctor Case to discuss her research on Bi Gender at the March 2016 Keystone Conference. Doctor Laura Case worked with Professor Vilayanur S Ramachandran who is Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California, San Diego, together discovering a form of Transgender named Bi Gender ... (Bi Genderism). They renamed the novel Gender condition alternating gender incongruity" (AGI).

Click here for the Abstract for Alternating gender incongruity: a new neuropsychiatric syndrome providing insight into the dynamic plasticity of brain-sex 
Ellen Davidson
Vice President

Ellen Davidson is a long time cross dresser and has been 
in transition from male to female for the past six years. 
She lives as a part time female with no plans for sex 
reassignment surgery.

She served for nearly 30 years as an educator with a Bachelor's
and Master's degree in Science and education. She often says 
she has enough credits for a Doctorate but never wrote the paper.

Ellen partnered with Michelle to start DIVAS which over the years developed into other transgender support groups, in which she served as Director. Some of these organizations were: Renaissance of Southeastern Pennsylvania, ROSE, York Lancaster Transgender Support, YLTS, and ultimately Transology with The Office of Transgender Affairs and Homeless Services.

Ellen has been a member and Director of Renaissance LSV since 1996 which developed into TransCentralPA and has participated in many projects and leadership roles.

Ellen is anxious to help the transgender and homeless people of the York area and help them to find jobs, self worth, and reach their potential.
Krystyna Mcilroy

Hello, my name is Krystyna Bea McIlroy. The current treasurer 
of The Transology Association Inc. I am transgendered / transsexual; 
I have been part of the transgendered community for over 40 years.

My journey started in 1966 in junior high school when I first began 
to realize I was different from the other boys in my class.

I have been part of a different number of support groups during the 
years, my journey really started when I attended a weekend in the 
Pocono’s for cross-dressers. I realized then that I was female, but 
refused to allow myself to believe it. I hid my true self from everyone, tried to suppress my feelings by taking jobs that were primarily male, even spent some years as a volunteer firefighter. This of course did not suppress my needs to become a woman. After many years with the help of doctors, therapist, and family I understood my true self.

Today, I see myself as an advocate for those who are having what some would call a crisis of identity. From a personal viewpoint I find that the mind is a wondrous thing and will always lead you to the truth of who you are as a person.

To those of you who are reading this please know that the journey I have taken has not been a smooth road, but one filled with many potholes and changes of direction. I started my journey to womanhood and all that it entails back in 1984 by acknowledging my femininity and living full time as a woman, still it took me another 10 years to finally take the step and request hormones to bring my body in line with the woman my mind saw.

At the time of this writing I am legally and for all time identified as a woman. It is probably the best thing I have ever accomplished in my life.

I offer you my friendship and caring and understanding and welcome you to contact me for support.

It is with joy and some trepidation that I have accepted the position of treasurer for this wonderful organization.

Yours truly, Krystyna Bea McIlroy. March 2021

Amanda Taylor
Meeting Coordinator / Public Contact Liaison

Amanda Taylor Lives Full time as Male To Female. She is very 
educated in the area of Being and living as a Transgender woman 
and Living full time and working as her Brain Gender. It has been 
a hard road for her with many obstacles in her way which she 
over came like a steam roller winning at every turn which was in her 
way to reach her goal as her Female Gender. Amanda has had 
many issues with her Parents and at times her Parents having 
nothing to do with her, which to her was very heart breaking and made her miserable just thinking that her parents no longer cared for her. There have been many bridges to cross but she has crossed them with flying colors and today she is living her dream as being who she really is within her Brain and her soul. She has never been happier and now wants to share her experience with others and help them become who they really are inside in York, Pa..

Amanda wants to concentrate on Housing, Medical Care, Job search and much more for people like herself. She wishes to be able to help as many as she can and hopes Transology will be accepted as a great and knowledgeable Organization for York Pa. She just wishes to concentrate on People who live in York mainly and try and make York Pa a City that is accepting to the Transsexual and Transgender Populations. She wishes to try and make the public aware of the Hardships we all face trying to just be ourselves and to just live and be happy being who we are. 

Amanda is a X Marine whose skills as a Marine have helped her deal with such hard odds to accomplish her goals. She is a intelligent individual and has a heart of gold. Amanda will go the distance to try and help anyone who just wishes to be happy and live life as who they really are in their brain and soul.

Amanda is someone you will want to meet if you want to begin living your dream.

Amanda is no longer a Transology Board Member due to un for seen circumstances but is still available for support, information and guidance until she can rejoin our Board of Direcotors.
Felicia Baugher

Felicia is a M to F individual who has lived and worked full time as 
herself since 1998. She started transitioning right after highschool. 
In 1985 she was diagnosed with Klinefelters Syndrome. She was 
born with xxy chromosomes. Most people are born either with xy
chromosomes which determines the gender to be a boy or xx 
Chromesomes which determines the gender to be a girl.  
Klinefelters Syndrome only occurs as a result of a random genetic 
error after conception. Felicia at one time thought she was Gay, but 
nothing ever felt right to her. She had always loved girl things since a very young age. As she grew older she discovered in high school that she was not gay. She had always felt like she was a girl but since she looked like a girlish boy she felt she was gay. She always felt more like she was a girl.  As she grew older and graduated from high school she felt more and more like she was a girl trapped in a boys body.  She began living full time and felt much more comfortable living as the girl she really was within her mind and inner self being. In 1998 she moved to Baltimore, Md. and in 1999 she started Hormones therapy there. Then on February 6, 2001, her 33rd birthday, she had her name changed to Felicia and had her Gender Marker changed on her drivers license in Glen Burnie, Maryland at the Department of Motor Vehicles. In June of 2012 she returned home to York, Pennsylvania. In August 2017 she had her Birth Certificate changed to female at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health Vital Records in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Felicia has lived most of her life as the female she has always been. She has had to deal with many different obstacles, issues and  problems just trying to be herself and live a nice quiet life but like most of us that very rarely happened in the past years growing up into adulthood. She now enjoys life living and working as herself without very many issues today.  Felicia hopes she can help others like herself to reach their dream of living as who they really are in life.

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Katie Weber, Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

Katie has join our Board of Directors as a Director at Large. 

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