Original copy of the outline for 
The Transology Association
 Office for Transgender Affairs

Below is the Original e-mail to the Divas Social Organization Board of Directors in the year 2005 explaining
about what Michael has planned for a future office and the name of a non profit association ..
The Transology Association, Office for Transgender Affairs.


To Divas Social Organization Board Members                                                                        August 15. 2005
Subject ... Office for Transgender Affairs

This is a outline for a physical office I would like to establish sometime before 2007 if possible. My idea behind this is to have a office open to the public and transgender community 5 days a week to help those needing help and support who cannot make it to our monthly meetings or any other transgender support groups monthly meetings. 

The Office for Transgender Affairs will be a sub division of The Transology Association which will be a non profit association for the transgender community ...
I believe this would greatly benefit the transgender community as well as be able to help educate  employers. schools. medical care. housing etc outside the transgender community to better help them understand transgender issues and needs.  Your thoughts are requested on my idea actually a dream I have since getting into transgender support for the community ...

Michael / Michelle Greyfeather
President / CEO
Divas Social Organization 
Web site .. http://divassocialorganization.homestead.com/


Below is the original outline for the Office for Transgender Affairs Michael submitted to the Board of Directors
for their review .... 

 York Office for Transgender Affairs
A NON Profit Transgender Community Service
A Transgender NON Profit Support and Educational Group
Established in the year 2005

Donations are always welcome to help support the Office of Transgender Affairs

Programs and Operations

The York Office for Transgender Affairs will from this point on be known as YOTA or the Office.

YOTA will have an office for Transgender Affairs locally located in cities where we have Transgender Support Chapters where Transgender individuals, Their Families, Friends and Employers can come to seek help is many aspects ....

The York Office for Transgender Affairs operates solely on donations. We will be open to the public 5 days a week so those seeking Help, Guidance, Direction, Transgender Information and Education, Support, and much more have a place they can come to on a daily basis ... (Hours of operation to be added at a later date) . All services provided within this office will be free to anyone seeking help with their Transgender affairs, issues and problems. The general public is welcome to use our services free to learn about Transgenderism and ask the many questions that are related to the Transgender community.

The People who provide the help and assistance in the York Office for Transgender Affairs will be well versed, experienced and knowledgeable in most all aspects of Transgender issues and affairs. They will be able to direct those seeking Licensed Professional help in the proper direction and provide peer help when needed.

A list of some of the services we will provide are below.  Please feel free to contact us at any time in regard to Transgender affairs and issues and we will try to help solve the problems or direct you to those who can help in a more Professional manor.

If a Transgender individual is bullied, attacked, harassed, denied their rights, or discriminated against ... regardless if you are a Transsexual, Crossdresser or any other part of the Transgender community you identify as ... Please report it to the Police, Human Relations office and to the us .... York Office for Transgender Affairs. We will look into your complaint and work with the proper authorities in trying to solve the issue depending on the type of complaint you report.

We will be open to families of Transgender individuals to help them better understand their Transgender family member, their needs and help solve any family issues that may develope in regard to their Transgender Family Member or direct them to licensed Professional help or counseling. We will provide a location where families of Transgender family members can get together and provide support for each other and how they handle issues that often come up with Transgender family individuals.

We are here to help wives and husbands better understand their Transgender spouses and help explain why their spouse is Transgender and / or direct them to Licensed Professional Counseling. We will also provide a place where wives or husbands of Transgender spouses can get together and support each other by discussing how they support their spouse or handle issues or needs that often come up in a relationship with a Transgender spouse. Peer support often helps in many aspects of Transgender issues.

(Parents of Transgender Children) The Office will set up a program for Trans Parents to come in and discuss any issues that may arise with their Transgender Children and / or direct them to Professinal Counseling. We will also set up a program so that Trans Parents can get together and discuss their children's needs and help each other by discussing how they are dealing with issues that arise within their families.

Transgender Children Support Group ..... the York Office will offer a group get together where Transgender Children can get togther from all over York and surrounding areas and meet each other and share each others experiences.  Transgender Children 14 to 17 can get together in a room just for them but with their parent to over see the group. There they can get to know each other and discuss their fun times and their not so good times sharing each others experiences. Transgender Children 13 and under can meet in a separate room but with their parents. There they can meet each other and become friends and stay in contact and share their fun times with their parents over seeing the group. Office staff will be in attendance to answer any questions and provide help.

Transgender Parents (Parents who are Transgender Raising Children) will be able to have access to the Office for help if issues arise regarding their raising children. When the need arises we will direct Transgender Parents to the proper authories to better help with their issues. The Office will also set up a program so that Transgender Parents can get together and discuss issues that may arise while raisng their children.
Office staff will be in attendance to answer any questions and provide help

Schools and Parents of Transgender School Students can come to seek help and guidance in School related Transgender affairs.
The Office will set up a program for Parents of School Students to be able to get together to discuss issues that may arise in the school and / or for their Transgender students.
Office staff will be in attendance to answer any questions and provide help

We will also provide help to Employers who employ Transgender employees to help them better understand their Transgender employees, their needs and to help solve any Transgender issues that may be of concern to the employer and the employee or guide them to Licensed Professional help in certain situations.

The following list will be provided and on hand when possible

A list will be provided of Medical Doctors and facilities that will treat Transgender Individuals with medical problems such as general health...

A list of Attorneys who will provide legal assistance for Transgender matters and Affairs will be available for those seeking help with Transgender legal matters,

A  list of Stores that will accept Transgender people in their stores to purchase clothing, food, supplies, etc will be available.

A list of Transgender friendly establishments such as Restaurants, Clubs, recreational facilities, etc .. will be available and updated on a regular basis.

The office will have on hand  the different documents needed to change names, drivers licenses and the many other documents needed for Transgender needs in Life

We will have on hand information needed for Transitioning procedures.

We will provide a list of Transgender Therapist and Counselors who will provide the necessary Transgender therapeutic help for depression from job lost, non acceptance in the community and family as well as Transgender Counseling

We will provide a list of locations and names of Doctors /Surgeons who perform Transitioning surgery ... such as SRS, Breast augmentation, etc...

A list of Doctors of Plastic Surgery and their  locations who will perform facial reconstruction etc, Breast Implants, etc... ...

A list of  establishments that provide shelter and or housing for displaced Transgender people who have lost their homes and jobs due to their Gender preferences and needs

Provide emergency assistance to Transgender individuals and families in crisis

A list of locations for hormone therapy

Provide Support and Education to Transgender people and the public on a regular basis.

Provide speakers for colleges, schools and businesses explaining Transgenderism ...

Do intensive Research for all the above and other issues and needs ...

Keep updated files on Local, State and Federal Laws pertaining to the Transgender community, Advocacy and Equality ...

The Office will stay in contact with the different Transgender activist for updated material and procedures.

The Office will Talk to and stay in touch with Senators, Congressmen and  State Representatives on Transgender issues ...

The Office will stay in touch with the Mayors and local Police departments of local cities and counties and provide the necessary assistance when needed with Transgender Police issues and local ordinances....

Set up a emergency response system for Transgender people in crisis ... such as adding the office and contacts to crisis intervention and help lines, (DONE)

Provide in house counseling services on a non professional basis and provide referrals to therapist ... and services ...

Provide in house professional counseling by Licensed Psychologist when needed

Businesses can contact us who will hire Transgender people.

Businesses, Employers, etc can contact us in regard to Transgender affairs and laws.

The Office will hold Local Transgender Support and Educational Community Meetings once a month in a safe enviroment and location. 

YOTA will be able to offer many other needs and information to those seeking help or direction in relation to Transgender individuals, Transgender Laws and equality rights where necessary and other related issues....

In the future expand the office by finding a building large enough to house a in house Medical Doctor to provide a medical practice for the Transgender community and a in house Licensed Psychologist to provide the needed therapy and counseling for Transgender individuals seeking transition and for help dealing with Transgender issues for those Transgender individuals who have problems coping with who they are as well as helpingthe families of Transgender individuals .

NOTE:  Services are subject to change without notice ...

Michael / Michelle GreyFeather

Copyright July 7, 2005
Divas Social Organization
All Rights Reserved