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Community Input, Comments, and information you would like to share with us and the community

by Michelle Greyfeather on 07/31/21

Let us know what you would like us to add to the web site, something you think the Community would benefit from such as Transgender Friendly and Gender Affirming business, stores, doctors etc. so we can add them to the Community Resource List

Your comments are are also Welcome on any subjects.

You can ask questions here and we will try our best to answer them,



Comments (7)

1. Linda Snellbaker said on 7/31/21 - 04:55AM
Thank you for creating this office for the transgender community. I think having a actual physical brick and mortar office that is available to our community 5 days a week is a blessing for our community. Please continue to do such great work for our community. I sincerely hope that the community realizes just what your office can do for our community. To be able to have a place a transgender individual can actually go to during the week to try and get help or help to solve a problem is so wonderful. Thank You This is something that has been needed for a long time. I'm a translady and have lived full time for 13 years. I wish I could have had something like this when I was on my long journey of pain and misery just trying to be me. Linda Snellbaker
2. Kathy Doesal said on 7/31/21 - 02:11PM
I agree with you Linda. I'm 56 and have been living full time for over 18 years. My journey would have been easier with people to talk to whenever I needed help other then having to pay a therapist. I went to support meetings once a month and that helped alot but that was only once a month. I knew others who needed help and could not make it to meetings. This is great. I'm excited about this. I live in Utah and there's not much transgender support here where I live. It would be nice to have a office just for the transgender community here. I like this blog. Maybe these people may have started something. Would be nice if they did. Kathy
3. Erin said on 8/18/21 - 11:42AM
Deep and sincere thanks for being here for the community.
4. bonnie Clark said on 4/19/22 - 08:38PM
Thanks for updating and Securing your web site. As far as your changing your terminology and information goes, I think your terminology and information was just fine the way it was myself although I do love your new color scheme much better. I did see a few words that were using older terminology but to me the old version of the words changed were much better and more descriptive. I am a Registered Nurse who is a Transwoman and work in a local hospital in Erie Pennsylvania. I transitioned about 12 years ago and was able to keep my present job with no problems or issues. I had worked and lived as my female self 2 years before transitioning. I have found that Wpath has changed a lot of things since they took over the The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. I and many others think The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care were much better. The things I've seen that Wpath changed were poor decisions if you ask me.
5. Bonnie Clark said on 4/19/22 - 08:40PM
For instance, changing the living a year as your preferred gender before transitioning completely. To me, that was a major mistake along with a lot of others things they changed. Maybe I'm old school. One thing I agree with in your site is how we become a transgender person in the womb of our mothers. Of course there is more to the fetal brain becoming different then the gender developed in the beginning of the birth process. I have talked to doctors who have been studying this research in the University I worked for a couple of years ago when I lived in California. As other researchers and scientist have stated in your web site there's a lot more that has to be studied and researched before the fetal brain gender can be understood developing differently then from the Gender developed in the first part of fetal development.
6. Bonnie Clark said on 4/19/22 - 08:43PM
I'm writing this in this blog hoping I can get some feed back and start a conversation on this subject of gender brain development and how we become a transgender person in the womb of our mothers. Keep up the good work your doing and providing information. I think your office is something that is greatly needed in every city in this country or at least in many cities. I wish I would have had access to a office like yours when I was living and working as my preferred gender and during my transition. I know that your probably are getting a lot of criticism for some information and terminology that was in your site and why your updating, but all that is probably coming from people who think they know it all or just jealous of your office. I love what your doing for the community, especially that your office is strictly for the transgender community.
7. Bonnie Clark said on 4/19/22 - 08:51PM
I am open to discussion on the subject of Gender Brain development in the second or third stage of fetal development that differs from the gender developed during the first part of fetal development. The brain gender that makes us transgender in our mothers wombs. I had to post this blog in several different blogs because it only allowed a certain number of words to be posted, Sorry ... I get long winded when I talk about this subject ...

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