We started the Transology Association, York Office for Transgender Affairs and Homeless Services to help Transgender people struggling with Dysphoria and trying to just live their lives as well as helping people who are struggling with being homeless. People become Homeless due to many factors including disease, poverty, economy slow down, sickness, family situations, lost of jobs and those who are homeless just because they are Transgender just for starters.

We are a 501(C)(3) Non Profit Association listed as a Public Charity and run the office on Grants, Donations and Gifts to provide our services and programs as well as our office over head. Our services and programs are free to anyone who comes into our office or contacts us for our services or programs. Our office is open 5 days a week Monday through Friday, 3PM to 7PM. We have a open door policy so anyone can come in and talk about their issues or what they need help with.

We are seniors who have lived this type of life and are experienced in the needs and issues these people face on a daily basis through out the country as well as locally. We started out creating Transgender support groups that met once a month to help transgender individuals deal with life and living as their internal self. We started our first support group in 2003 and have met and helped many transgender individuals who have struggled with just being Transgender, Dysphoria and Homeless over the years.

As most of us know transgender people come from all walks of life, no matter who they are, their Title, Occupation, Their Religion, Race or Culture. There are theories that have been researched that have led many scientist and researchers to believe that becoming Transgender starts in the Trimesters of Pregnancy along with many other factors of fetal gender development in the womb, but, the verdict is still out and more research has to be done. Being transgender is discovered after Birth and growing into Puberty and Adolescence and into Adulthood but the verdict is still out and more research has to be done. 

In my search for Physical Offices on a local level to help just Transgender individuals and their families and Homeless to try and follow guidelines I find that we may be the first local office of our kind to establish a physical office for this basis.

In General we are here and developed our office to help, support, give guidance and direction free of charge to those seeking help with living their lives as who they are internally and mentally and to try and help homeless survive a better life.

There are many Transgender people that know that they are not Biologically or Genetically a gender other then what they were born as ... BUT ... are a different gender of their internal self being and mentally due to their development of being transgender. 

Michael Greyfeather
President / CEO
The Transology Association
York Office for Transgender Affairs
and Homeless Services
web site - www.thetransologyassociation.org
Office - 717-650-2247
E-mail - [email protected]