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Parents Raising Transgender Children
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If you have a child who you think may be Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming, and you are somewhat stumped about what to do about it. Here is what you do. The first thing is love your child. It's as easy as that. Make sure you love your child for who your child is telling you he or she is. 

The second is to seek out supports. Those could be from close friends. It could be from your church or synagogue. It could be from a mental health professional. It could be from community support groups who can offer you a great deal of support and information. Don't try to do it alone. It's a very long road. It's a difficult road, and it's one where you can get support you can feel strong and clear about how to help your child and give your child all the support that they need. 

In the beginning, you may have uncomfortable feelings about it and you may need help with your feeling too. 

Our program is here to help parents through the hard times with support and needed information. We will also have a Professional Counselor there who works with transgender children and Parents to answer the many questions that may come up during the program.

Please fill out this information form if you would like to attend the Parents Raising Transgender or Gender Non Conforming Childrens Program. 

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This program is designed to bring the Parents that are Raising Transgender Children together in one location that is safe, private and secure to discuss the challenges encountered raising their child and to provide support and needed information to other parents who may need help raising their child. The program is also designed to bring parents together so they can share their experiences with each other and discuss some of the issues they expereinced raising their child. 

There may be a Parent just beginning their journey raising their transgender. This will help these parents through the hard times trying to adjust to raising their child and help their child live a more comfortable life.                

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Next scheduled times for this program are ...
Thursday November 17 and December 13, 2022

Program Location - Inspired Path Counseling
                               835 Edgewood Road
                                York, Pa, 17204

Call - 717-401-4329 
for more information and directions

It was great meeting everyone who attended the last program. 
See you again on November 17 and December 13, 2022

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