Program for 
Parents Raising Transgender Children
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Thursday November 17 and Thursday December
Doors open at 6:30 PM Program begins at 7 PM
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Or stop in our office at 32 North Queen Street
Between 3 PM and 7 PM Monday through Friday 
This Program for Parents Raising Transgender Children of any age will begin again on Thursday November 17 and again on December 13 inYork,Pennsylvania. This program is designed to bring Parents that are Raising Transgender Children together in a safe and secure location to meet and discuss what they have learnt about raising a transgender child with each other, the problems that may have occurred and how they solve and dealt with the issues and care that comes with raising a transgender child. This will provide a place where parents can form an alliance with each other and help each other with the issues and share their experiences. There may be parents attend the program gathering that are just beginning their journey raising their transgender child. This will help them get through the difficult days a little easier by learning the dos' and don'ts' that can be shared from the experience of other parents who have been raising their transgender children and help make the Child's life a little better. An experienced Therapist, who has worked with and provided therapy and counseling for Parents Raising Transgender Children will be in attendance to answer the many questions that come up while raising a transgender child.

If you are a Parent Raising a Transgender Child and are interested in attending this program please click here to go to the program attendance information form online and fill out the form and send it to us with your contact information. You can also use the following e-mail address ... [email protected], to send us your contact information...  with your phone number and or e-mail address so we can contact you with the Date, Location and Time of the Program. You can also call ... Monday through Friday from 3 PM to 7 PM to talk to a Transgender Business Agent or Representative. If you know of a parent raising a transgender child please give them this important information. Peer support between parents can help tremendously with some of the issues, care and understanding of raising a transgender child.

We like to keep the Date, Location and Time private and only provide this information to those who are interested in attending any of our programs as a safety feature for those in attendance and for the privacy of the Parents. ... We look forward to meeting everyone and discussing what more we can offer to help parents and the community.

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