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History of The York Office for Transgender Affairs
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Transgender Identity Terms and Labels ... Planned Parent hood ...2021

Transgender Identities ... 2021 ...

Fregrently asked Questions about Transgender .... Year - 2015

What is the difference between being transgender and transsexual - Year 2020 ..... 
The term transsexual is not used any longer, it can be contentious and is offensive and should not be used to describe anyone

Understanding the transgender community ... Year - 2020 ...

Overview - Gender Dysphoria ... Year -  2019 ...

Well Span Transgender Assistence ...

Doctor Powers Video Lecture on Health Care of the Transgender patient ... 5/13/2019 ...... 
Is Transgenderism a result of Nuture or Nature, A Research Paper on Transgenderism....
Click HERE to learn what you should know about the Transgender Brain ... this link will also contain other Transgender important information. Just click on a subject in                                                                                                                                  the menu to learn more about transgender information.
Transgender Medical Health Centers and Offices
Click Here to go to the Transgender Medical Health and Office section   

Transgender Mental Health, How Addiction Affects The Transgender Community ...

Web Site ...

Thailand Transgender Web Site ...

For Health Care Providers ... General Practitioners
Click HERE to see the 3 Things Healthcare Providers Should Understand About Transgender Care ... 

Michele M Angello, Pre-Licensed Professional, PhD
Wayne Counseling Center ... Web Site ...
Dr. Debra Doubrava, PhD, LPC, RPTS, Licensed Professional Counselor ...  

Allie Kochert, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist ... E-Mail.... [email protected]

Pa. Counseling - 301 W. Philadelphia St, York, Pa ...

Heart 2 Soul Counseling ...

Emily Wilson ... PSYD
E-mail ... [email protected]
Web Site ...
Katie Weber,, Licensed Professional Counselor... LPC
Inspired Path Counseling ... Web site ...

The York Office for Transgender Affairs
Hours: 3PM to 7PM, Monday through Friday
32 North Queen Street
York, Pa 17403
Michael/Michelle GreyFeather: 717-332-1247
[email protected]

Ellen Davidson  717-413-1275
[email protected] 
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Video of Doctor Powers Lecture on .... Health Care for the transgender patient ... 
This video is 2:03 hours long but well worth watching, very informational
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